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Electrical Repair and Maintenance

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If you have an electrical problem, you may feel uneasy, concerned, or worried about it. It is a good idea to take certain steps as you wait for your electrician to arrive. If your electrical panel or appliance is smoking and it cannot quickly be remedied by during off the circuit, it's time to act. Take your family and pets out of the house and call 911. Electrical fires cannot be put out with water, and attempting to use water can increase shock hazards.

On the other hand, if you have an intermittent light fixture, a receptacle that stops working, or you feel a jolt when you touch an appliance, simply turn off the switch or circuit breaker and call your electrician. Unless you are very competent, don’t attempt to make an electrical correction. Dealing with electricity can be unpredictable and dangerous. Electrical Repair and Maintenance should be done by a licensed electrician. When you call for electrical service, it is best to describe the symptoms or problem the best you can, such as sounds or smells or what no longer functions as it once did. It is best to establish a working relationship with one electrical establishment so that your records are up to date and a history of service is established. It can save aggravation and improve safety in the long run by thinking proactively about electrical improvements.

This can help avoid unexpected service calls. The National Electrical code updates every 3 years, and this involves equipment and safety. Many homeowners do not realize that the latest advancements in electrical distribution can be added to older homes; thereby receiving the benefits of newer constructed homes. Feel free to call anytime for a free electrical evaluation.

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