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At Reliant Electric Works, we understand the importance of getting proficient electrical services when you need them. You rely on electricity for nearly all of your daily activities and your life would be enormously disrupted without properly functioning electrical systems. We have a comprehensive understanding of all electrical systems and we know the ins and outs of every generator on the market. In addition, our factory-trained technicians specialize in prompt and efficient service work. You can count on us for all your generator and electrical services in South Burlington.

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Our Comprehensive Electrical Services Include:

  • Arc Fault Breakers & GFI’s

    Both ground fault receptacles and ARC fault circuit breakers have been shown to detect electrical arcing which can result in fires or unintentional power flow that causes shock hazards. We regularly install these safety devices in new construction, as well as upgrades to existing systems.

  • Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools

    We provide GFCI protected power circuits, as well as grounding and bonding for above and in-ground swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.

  • Voltage Surge Suppressors

    When replacing circuit breaker panels or installing automatic transfer switches for standby power generators, we recommend and install high-quality TVSS devices to reduce potential damage from power line problems, internal transient producing equipment, and utility power line switching and lighting.

  • Smoke & CO Detectors

    We are familiar with the local and state codes regarding interconnected smoke and CO detectors for life safety. Apartment and condominium owners have utilized our services many times for rental code compliance. We can help you, too.

  • Electrical Inspection Services

    We provide site evaluations and reports to realtors to evaluate and estimate the electrical repairs that are required for a property transfer.

  • Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

    Local building codes require proper operation and testing of illuminated exit signs and automatic standby battery powered lighting. We can provide low operating cost options for exit signs and battery backup LED fixtures that will exceed the one and a half hour required operating time.

  • Grounding & Bonding

    Current national electrical code requirements are upgraded every three years. As a result, many gas piping and water systems are not properly bonded to the electrical system and the electrical system grounding is often unacceptable. Proper grounding and bonding will reduce or eliminate any shock hazards.

  • Commercial Light Fixtures

    We utilize a lighting program for fluorescent, HID, or LED light fixtures to maximize lumen output and distribution with minimal electrical consumption.

  • Circuits for AC Systems

    Central AC and “mini-split” ductless AC systems have become very popular in Vermont. We provide the proper feeders and branch circuits for HVAC contractors who are installing these high-efficiency AC and heat pump systems.

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